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lost eminem song
Posted by: toastydust ()
Date: September 24, 2011 01:03AM

ok so i cant find this song any where. i have eminem's verse memorized but i don't know who else is on the track with him i'm assuming it's d12. but here it is:
Chauvinist pig, drove in his big lincoln till it went over the bridge jumped out and dove in the ditch
broke in the mobile home and stole the stove and the fridge, kidnapped the parents and left the ransom note for the kids
i'ma go for ya mids here's a body blow for ya ribs
why ya flexin ya stomach and bleedin all over ya bitch
i know where ya live ya girl showed me ya crib unless she told me a fib then i'ma have both of ya did
burnin incense facin the murder sentence under intense investigation for killin infants
while i sit in padded rooms doin shrooms havin visions of dead pregnant women with brooms jabbed in they wombs
slit ya carpet and rugs and fuck ya apartment up ??????? and jumpin in garbage trucks
i'm from the shitty slums that look like the city dumps give you a kidney punch and mug you to get me lunch (aight)
see me every summer layin up against the dumpster wit a hundred dollar jumper smothered in southern comfort
got my slim shady sticker on ya mothers bumper
she came home screamin a bunch of mutha fuckas jumped her
yo proceed to list em there's no need to diss em the heavy heater is for ya whole breathin system
twist em like beer caps once they hear that.....
---and thats mostly all i can remember---
if any one can tell me the name of the song it would be greatly appreciated!!

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Re: lost eminem song
Posted by: toastydust ()
Date: October 10, 2011 04:54AM

seriously you guys i really need to know what the name of this song is so i can dl it. i got eminem's whole discography(3 diff. ones) and i still cannot find this song anywhere...IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!
plz help me out...

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Re: lost eminem song
Posted by: learnsonglyrics ()
Date: May 06, 2012 09:08PM

Its D12 Desperados and the lyrics are here []

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